Typical concerns of business owners...
I don't need outside help, I can do it myself!
You may be right.  You probably can do it yourself, after all, you've grown your business to this point.  The question is NOT, do you need help; the real question is, can you and your business benefit from the services offered by VON Consulting Group?  Many, just like you already have...
Consultants are expensive, I can't afford it!
VON Consulting Group takes a different approach; there is NO COST to you for the initial meeting and assessment done by VON Consulting Group.   Based on what you see and hear, you decide if you want to start down the path to increased profits.  If you decide not to go forward with the project, there is no cost to you whatsoever.
I don't have time for a consultant! It would be just one more demand on my already overloaded schedule.
Making the decision to work with a consultant is a big deal.  As the saying goes: 'You can keep doing what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten.'  Or you can invest a small amount of time and get different results; increased profits, fewer headaches and less frustration.  In the long run doing nothing could cost you more.
My business is different.  I am afraid a consultant will throw the "one size fits all" theoretical solution at me, which will not work for me, my business or my employees.
At VON Consulting Group we recognize your business is very unique.  The solutions developed are based on real-world business experience and tailored specifically to fit you and your business.  All solutions and implementation plans are reviewed and challenged by you as many times as needed to ensure the best possible fit and adoption in your business.
We are too small; consultants are for big companies.
Believe it or not, smaller businesses can benefit the most from VON Consulting Group services.  If you are working alone or with a staff of one or two, the variety of ideas and experience that you have to draw upon is limited.  VON Consulting Group will provide new perspectives and a broad variety of experiences for you and your business to draw from.
Client Stories...

Pam C., owner of a high-end, custom jewelry retailer, felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the many demands and competing priorities of her business.  Through VON Consulting Group's business strategy process, Pam created long term goals and a decision-making framework that put her back in control of her business and making more money than ever.
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Your Business - Better
The last consultant I hired was all talk and NO RESULTS!
VON Consulting Group backs up our work with a Money Back Guarantee!
We stand behind our work, period.  That's right, a FREE consultation and Money Back Guarantee, all you have to do is make the call.