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About the founder:
Bradley E. Neider, founder of VON Consulting Group, has more than 20 years of progressive senior level business experience with businesses of all sizes.  Bradley earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and an MBA from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business.  His career has been a progression of diversified leadership roles including senior business experience in major corporations, such as Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories and Texas Instruments, as well as small or start-up companies like ParkerVision, Inc. and Kitson & Partners LLC.  Bradley has experience in all aspects of business operations, including operations management, business process management, finance and accounting, strategic planning, quality control, human resources management as well as a natural drive to find new and improved methods of doing things.

Bradley is a member of the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County and Angel Forum of Florida as well as sitting on the Management Advisory Boards for several privately held companies.
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The consultants at VON Consulting Group are leaders, innovators, change agents and experts from a wide range of industries.

Highlights include:
Business Process expert that redefined, integrated and optimized the leadership, financial reporting and financial performance of seven different businesses under one parent company.

Managing Director of the first and only public-private partnership in the State of Florida; responsible for a 73,000 acre working cattle ranch and preserve.  The challenges of this situation included, political, organizational and cultural differences as well as legislation requiring the preserve to be financially self-sustaining, another first for the State of Florida.

A successful new product development leader from the intensely competitive medical device industry.

Operations and manufacturing leader that delivered a tenfold increase in factory output in less than 18 months, from the same production equipment and only a two-fold increase in production staff.
Client Stories...

Managing his staff was so stressful that Sam B., owner of a real estate brokerage firm, would wake up every night at 3:00 am thinking about it. With the help of VON Consulting Group, people management issues are a thing of the past.  Sam now sleeps through the night while profits continue to grow.
The VON Consulting Group logo consists of three components, the circle, the square and the ladder.

The circle and the square represent the two fundamental components required for a business to be successful.

        Technical knowledge required to produce a product or service that customers are willing to pay for, i.e. a roofer knowing how to install a roof.

        The business management knowledge and skills required to run the business, such as accounting, cash flow management, employee supervision, efficient business process, etc…
The two skills are as different as the shapes and colors used in the logo.  Many businesses and business owners discover too late that both of these very different skills are required for their business to be successful.

                                                                The ladder represents the steps along the way to a successful and rewarding business.  The rungs of the ladder represent different skills, knowledge, experience or processes that every business must learn and develop. 

A vertical ladder implies increased difficulty and risk when moving from one rung to the next and success is only achieved at the end of the ladder.  That is not necessarily true in business, success can and is achieved at each rung along the ladder and usually the most difficult and high risk steps occur at the beginning of the business process. 

The VON Consulting Group ladder is set horizontal, representing a path and once started, each step is no more or less important than the prior. 

The solid blocks within the ladder represent the points of success recognized by the business and the business owner.  The measurement of success is unique to you and your business, be it profit, gross sales, reputation, industry recognition, quality of life or lifestyle.  When and how those success points are achieved are completely unique to you and your business.
The story behind the VON Consulting Group Logo...
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