VON Consulting Group is focused on working directly with business owners to help them increase profits and retake control of their business. 

Increased profits through VON Consulting Group services:
Confidential sounding board, Brainstorming partner, Mentoring, Devil's advocate, Structured decision making process and analysis, Challenging you to GET outside your box…
Change Management / Implementation:
Linking all changes to business plans and goals, Internal communication plan, Involvement of staff in the planning and implementation process, defined schedule and measurable objectives...
Strategic Planning:
Defining long and short term goals, Creating and updating your business plan, Alignment of all business objectives to your long and short term goals…
Cash Flow Management, Budget projections, Validate the Return On Investment before investing, Finding and securing investors and loans…
Business process analysis and optimization, Operating expense analysis and optimization, Identify and solve problems, Technology assessments, Organizational structure and utilization…
Marketing Strategy:
Clearly define your target customers and their specific needs.  Brainstorm alternative marketing programs to keep pace with changes in the economy and customer preferences. Identify opportunities to expand product offerings and target markets.  Analyze program effectiveness and calculate marketing program return on investment…
Organizational structure / Staff Management / Leadership:
Chain of command, Delegate authority and decision making, Clearly define staff roles and responsibilities, Employee Accountability programs, Assess leadership skills, Team development and training, Skills assessment, recruiting…
Client Stories...

Ed R. owner of a property development company, worried himself sick over having enough cash to pay the bills.  After implementing a cash flow management program designed specifically for his business by VON Consulting Group, Ed is 'healthy as a horse' and spends more time finding new customers.
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