What our Clients have to say...
"Brad Neider is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.  I know I can expect him to follow up on his commitments and he is very respectful of my time and expertise in my field.  He was extremely diligent in his involvement with a mutual construction client and they regularly told me how much they value his expertise and insight.  Based on my experience with Brad, I highly recommend him and VON Consulting Group." 
Robyn S.,  medical insurance sales
"I have been working with Brad Neider from VON Consulting Group; a business consultant and I have been really impressed with the insight he has given me into my own business.  He has been challenging me weekly and I have implemented his suggestions with very good results." 
Adam S., President/CEO outsource IT service firm
"Brad is an accomplished professional, always working to improve with a view "forward" to enable business growth in our company.  His knowledge is impeccable and he has been a great investment in our business." 
Erin H.,  President, electronic security equipment installation and monitoring company
"Though we only contracted with Brad Neider and VON Consulting Group for a short term assignment, I cannot say enough how valuable his advice and guidance has been to us...being a small growing business, we quickly recouped our investment through Brad's thorough business analysis and advice."
Dina C., President, proprietary T-shirt and greeting card company
"As a small business owner, I often find myself at a cross road with respect to a problem or new opportunity.  When I get stuck in a narrow decision making loop and need a fresh "outside the box" perspective, I call Von Consulting Group.  The process that VON Consulting Group uses to approach an issue always uncovers new questions which lead to better solutions."  
Lyn B., President, helicopter industry web sites and services
"In today's business environment, you need to have every edge that is available.  Brad (Neider) with VON Consulting Group gives you the information and tools you need to gain that edge over your competition!  I have used many business consultants throughout my 23 years in a healthcare practice.  Brad always goes beyond the call of duty in order to bring the ideas and concepts to fruition.  For any business that is looking to gain new insights on how to increase the income being generated from their business and do it more efficiently, VON Consulting Group is the essential coach to have in your corner!"
Marc Weinberg, D.C. Chiropractic Physician
"Brad Neider of VON Consulting Group has been providing business analytical and consulting services for us for several months.  We have been extremely pleased with Mr. Neider's performance.  His analytical skills, attention to detail and recommendations have all been exemplary.  He has assisted us in exceeding our goals in a very short period of time.  We have found his business practices to be very flexible based on our needs.  We highly recommended Brad Neider if you want your business to grow, become more profitable and more efficient."
Adam B. Emanuel, President Adam's Air Conditioning, Inc.
Client Stories...

A Turnaround:
After several months of borrowing money just to pay the bills at his lawn equipment sales and repair business, Kevin G. feared his creditors would take over his company. VON Consulting Group analyzed the financial reports and identified four changes that returned Kevin's business to profitability.  Within weeks Kevin was paying down his debt and no longer feared losing his company.
"Brad Neider of VON Consulting Group provided excellent business analytical services; he was able to walk in and figure out solutions in a very timely manner. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of his services.  He was extremely professional, courteous and understanding of our business completely.  He assisted us to exceed our goals in a short time.  He always had a solution to anything that we threw out to him.  I would recommend Brad to anyone who wants to increase profitability, grow your business or simply help you get started in a new business and be successful." 
Doreen Graff, President Crumps Lawn Equipment Center
"As the sole proprietor of a unique niche market company (ski and snowboard instruction in South Florida), I needed to strategize about a litany of ideas and I found Brad from VON Consulting Group to possess not only a wealth of insight, but a compassion and commitment to really help me clarify my priorities and focus on the issues that make a difference in my business.  He helped me understand that I cannot be all things to all people - no matter how great I think my services are, there will be some people that I simply will not reach and shouldn't waste my time trying to reach.  With his assistance, I have been able to focus on some strategic business alliances and he is helping me develop a marketing plan to become more profitable.  He is highly professional and I'd recommend him to anyone that needs assistance in becoming focused on their business."
Kim Ackerman, Owner, Virtual Snow of Palm Beach
"Brad Neider of VON Consulting Group is the best at his profession! The expertise, wisdom and insight he brings to the table is invaluable. And, he's terrific to work with!"
Deborah Bigeleisen, fine art creations and sales
Your Business - Better
"After hearing about the significant success other business owners achieved working with VON Consulting Group and specifically Brad Neider the founder, I decided to try the free consultation.  The free consultation was more than free, Brad offer at least 2 recommendations that I successfully implemented almost immediately.  I very much underestimated how beneficial it could be to work with a consultant like Brad.  He has helped me in setting and achieving goals.  The employee communication programs and approaches Brad helped me develop and implement have been effective, constructive and set the stage to take actions I had previously been avoiding.  Brad has been helpful in many areas of my business including marketing, documenting office procedures, creating employee job descriptions, building strong/solid relationships with employees and much more.  I would highly recommend Brad and VON Consulting Group no matter what types of problems you may be dealing with.  For sure you should take advantage of the free consultation!"  
Richard A Jones   Richard A. Jones Electric, Inc.
"My partner and I hired VON Consulting Group to help us retake control of our business, and within two weeks Brad Neider was already adding tremendous value to our company.  Brad is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense professional who sees things objectively and communicates in clear, concise terms.  If you're not sure if a consultant is right for you, I highly recommend you take advantage of the free initial consultation offered by VON Consulting Group; we are happy that we did!" 
Sherra Sewell  evansewell advertising
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